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Right now the violence between Israelis and Palestinians is worsening.

At the same time, our leaders demonstrate extreme division, violent rhetoric and stalemate after stalemate.

With one click, you can amplify the voice of reason, inspiring people to think beyond the status quo.

Your gift puts into action your belief that change will only happen when Israeli and Palestinian civil society leaders work together.

Your gift directly translates into less hatred and violence. Into a higher quality of life for both Palestinians and Israelis. Into a stronger civil society that cares for ALL who live within it.

These organizations understand how to create measurable, scalable impact. And they will not stop until everyone has equal rights, dignity, and security.

Never have organizations united to bring about change just like this. Never have they shared knowledge, strategy, and resources. Never have they shown a united front that will persevere… no matter the obstacles.

If you want to invest in real changemakers on the ground... If you want to help this growing community reach thousands of more Israelis and Palestinians....!

Please donate today to one, some, or all of the organizations below.

There is too much at stake. With one click, you can support real activists creating real, measured impact on the ground.

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