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For Jewish people everywhere, our history will forever be tethered to Jerusalem.

In honor of Jerusalem Day 2022, organizations across the city and across the world have united to support the many facets of this diverse and beloved city.

You have a critical role to play in their success.

Please open your heart and donate to one, some, or all of these historic institutions.

When you donate, you care for the soldiers protecting Jerusalem.
When you donate, you preserve the city’s cultural landmarks.
When you donate, you feed the hungry and uplift the downtrodden.

Every organization has a different mission, but they all share the common goal of working to build Jerusalem and sustain her people. Click on the different campaigns to learn about the important contributions that each organization makes to the city.

Jerusalem has been destroyed twice and has endured 52 attacks on its soil. But the city has persevered and has come alive in the hearts and homes of her supporters―no matter where they may live.

After generations of foreign rule, Jerusalem was reunited by the Israel Defense Forces in 1967.

55 years ago, Jerusalem became whole again.

Every $55 donation (or more!) will enter you in a raffle to win TWO FREE TICKETS TO ISRAEL. Don’t wait - show your support of Jerusalem now!

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