Creating a Student-Centered Approach to Torah Learning
and Vocational Training for High Schoolers

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Yeshiva Nefesh Hatalmid

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Creating a Student-Centered Approach to Torah Learning
and Vocational Training for High Schoolers

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"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."

You may know a child like Reuven. From the time he was eight-years-old, his parents realized that he wasn’t destined to spend his life in a beis medrash. He is good at building things and is more productive when he multi-tasks. His skillsets simply wouldn’t be nurtured in a standard yeshiva.

Now, he’s about to start high school. Naturally, Reuven’s parents want him in a frum environment. But, just as important, they want him to be happy. They want him to thrive.

He’s frustrated. And that means that they’re frustrated. If only there was a place for Reuven to learn Torah in a nurturing environment.

That’s where you come in.

Your gift to Yeshiva Nefesh HaTalmid helps students like Reuven excel. Thanks to you, Reuven will develop deep internal willpower. He will forge close connections with rabbeim who will hear him when he shares his heart and mind.

Thanks to you, students like Reuven will have both a strong limudei kodesh background AND the vocational skills to support a family in the working world.

Your gift equips Reuven to flourish.

That’s because your donation ensures that every child -no matter his financial background- has the opportunity to learn at Yeshiva Nefesh HaTalmid. Because of you, students like Reuven will benefit from a unique style of learning that combines a religious environment with full matriculation and vocational training that includes bagrut preperation.

Students can choose from tracks that teach them how to become a) Microsoft technicians, b) videographers, or c) auto mechanics.

Each track is certified and uniquely suited to the individual needs of each student.

With support from generous donors like you, Nefesh HaTalmid imbues in each student a firm belief that Hashem is at the center of everything that we do.

Faith in Hashem and a clear path toward professional independence are the key ingredients in equipping Jewish young adults with the tools for success. And your gift makes it all possible.

Plus, giving to Nefesh HaTalmid is simply smart philanthropy. That’s because each dollar you donate with be matched by a group of generous donors who recognize how important this cause is. That means your gift will have DOUBLE the impact.

Please give, and help students like Reuven find their home at Nefesh HaTalmid.