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For a child with hearing loss, the first five years are critical.

The fight to hear is real. The fight to learn. The fight to speak.

But you have the power to make a difference in the way a child hears.  You can play a vital role in setting a “hearo” up for success.

Your gift ensures that another child with hearing loss receives consistent services and learning programs.

Champion a child. Be super, today. 

Online learning is challenging enough for the typical child. But for a child with hearing loss or processing challenges, it can seem impossible.

Think about how hard it is for you to concentrate on a video call when the sound isn’t perfect. Now think about how a hearo must pay attention despite the inability to filter out sounds. Or focus on the teacher’s voice.

Think of the frustration and discouragement.

Over the last year, when services and learning have been interrupted, children with hearing loss and processing challenges have suffered regression of skills they’ve previously achieved.

Simply stated, they have fallen behind.

They will grow up struggling in their classes, in their friendships, in their jobs. Unless someone reaches out a hand.

Our children need you to be a SUPER-’HEAR’O, too.

In these uncertain times, please ensure that every child has what they need to thrive.

Your support, today, determines a child’s very ability to hear and integrate.

We are increasing every effort in our classes to advance our SUPER ‘HEAR’OES as quickly as possible, preparing supplemental activities, programming, materials and curricula.

Every donation helps our SUPER-’HEAR’OES learn and grow!

Your support fuels essential and underfunded SUPER-’HEAR’O services.

We don’t have a moment to lose.