Build prototype tiny house. End Israel’s housing crisis

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Tiny House

Help build 1 prototype tiny house in Israel, and revolutionize the housing industry in the country

Build prototype tiny house. End Israel’s housing crisis

Build the solution: make housing affordable to everybody!

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"We'll DOUBLE each dollar you give."

The cost of living is one of the biggest challenges of life in Israel. Many people refrain from coming because they can’t afford it. Many more are trapped in a cycle of expenses that they can’t get out of.

Students, newly married couples, and the elderly are all forced to live in housing situations that are beyond their means – and often subpar. Every month, almost all their paycheck goes towards rent, and these houses are often in terrible condition.

Reuven and Sarah are a newly married couple trying to balance their university education with minimum wage work. They barely make ends meet and are worried that their hopes for a better future are being put on hold due to the huge cost of their rent.

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Social revolutions have begun to make an impact: The price of cottage cheese went down. The price of coffee was slashed.

Now it’s time to make an even bigger difference. It’s time to solve the housing crisis.

The Solution

What if there was a way to make housing affordable once again?

Enter the tiny house.


The tiny house is a global housing trend that comfortably fits a person’s every need into a tiny footprint.

Our goal is to raise $30,000 to build one prototype tiny house on wheels in Israel. It will be eco-friendly and self-sustaining, allowing it to be towed across the country and parked anywhere.

And we will use it to raise awareness and create a revolution. We will park it where it can be seen – to educate individuals about its possibilities, and to encourage politicians to help make it a reality.

A single house can make a huge difference.

Once people see how easy they are to build and how comfortable they are to live in, we can convince thousands of people to move to this housing model and significantly improve their quality of life. It will give students and young families the financial “breathing room” to save up to buy a bigger house later on.

24-Little-River-2-150x150A tiny house on wheels also bypasses one of the biggest challenges in the housing crisis – bureaucracy. By virtue of it being on wheels, it can be easily moved from place to place and parked in areas not zoned for residential building. Any plot of land can become a potential spot for a tiny house community – and we’ve identified landowners throughout the country who are happy make this dream a reality.

We need your help

We’ve drawn the blueprints. We’ve got the land. We’ve priced the materials and got a team of experts who have volunteered their skills and time to build it.

But we need your help to acquire the materials. Here’s a breakdown:

  • $3,000 materials
  • $3,000 trailer
  • $5,000 solar panels
  • $10,000 the outer structure
  • $9,000 finishing the house

With your help, we’ll be able to create a prototype that raises awareness to the problem – and build the solution.

Help build just one tiny house in Israel, and change the country’s housing crisis forever.